Symfony’s most popular plugins

Francios a core member of the Symfony team recently blogged about the 20 most popular plugins of the Symfony project based upon page views.

That list is:

  1. sfSimpleCMSPlugin
  2. sfGuardPlugin
  3. sfPropelActAsNestedSetBehaviorPlugin
  4. sfMediaLibraryPlugin
  5. sfSimpleBlogPlugin
  6. sfSimpleForumPlugin
  7. sfFeed2Plugin
  8. sfgWidgetsPlugin
  9. sfThumbnailPlugin
  10. sfUJSPlugin
  11. sfControlPanelPlugin
  12. sfFormValidationPlugin
  13. sfMogileFSPlugin
  14. sfLightboxPlugin
  15. sfCaptchaPlugin
  16. sfNiftyPlugin
  17. sfPrototypeWindowPlugin
  18. sfPropelLoadbalancerPlugin
  19. sfSavvyPlugin
  20. sfYzClientSideValidationPlugin

I find it very interesting that the ‘simple’ ones are all in the top 6 with the CMS one – which is very new – already taking up top spot.

It proves that there is interest in off-the-shelf solutions built upon this great framework, and I feel that there will be lots of exciting activity in this space over the coming months. For example, I’m sure I’m not the only one eagerly awaiting Magento’s impending release, which is based on the Zend Framework.


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