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Global search and replace using Vi


to replace all instances of – say – with in a file then using vi you can do:
if you mess it up then press u for undo. Of course if it's an important file then back it up first.

ssh logins without a password


Share ssh keys:
ssh-keygen -t rsa[/code]
the copy ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub over to server
[code]mkdir .ssh
cat id_rsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys[/code]
Job done

Creating a separate VMWare hard disk for a Linux virtual server


A mini How-To detailing how I created a separate virtual partition for my local dev server: I halted the virtual machine and then under VMWare settings I select Hard Disks then add. Once the disk is created and saved out I re-start the machine. Initally we have to partition the disk and make it a recognised file system. Once logged in as root I type: [code]fdisk /dev/sdb[/code] I select...

Using the Zend Framework – Part 1


Edit: Sorry I never got around to finishing this, there’s only 2 parts of 3. For the past few years I’ve not really learnt anything new PHP dev-wise, mainly because I’ve been getting on with the task of running a business. Anyway, recently I’ve been bringing myself back up-to-speed with what’s happening at the leading edge of PHP development and the Zend...

Creating a subversion repository


I wanted to add my Zend Framework example code to subversion but to do that I needed a local Subversion repository 🙂 As I had to figure out some of the bits how to this, I decided to put all of my steps into a mini How-To.
Here it is:

Darren Beale Web developer & early adopter