Midlands interweb groups

I’ve only been living in the midlands for a few months now but have already found two promising groups: The Multi Pack and PHP West Midlands.

Multipack seems to be a bit more designery but they are organised, have a great website and put on meet-ups. It seems that some of the organisers are also involved with Geek in the park which unfortunately I can’t attend due to other commitments.

Here’s what they say about Multipack:

The Multipack is a community of multi-talented individuals from across the Midlands UK, that come together to discuss all the things web and share their knowledge, skills and talents.

PHP West Midlands is more of your standard mailing list affair but there are rumblings of upcoming meetings. Here’s the intro:

This is the home for a group in the West Midlands who discuss and assist each other in the use PHP and PHP related technologies such as MySQL, Linux, Apache, XAMPP and more.

I have not really been on a decent mailing list since Underscore which I have frequented on and off since leaving Bristol 8 years ago, but I’m hopeful about these two groups.

My Multipack Profile